SOLEADO≪ソレアド≫ライブ 11/14(土) 1部18:30~、2部19:30~

JR矢部駅徒歩3分 スペイン料理ソレアドにて

ショーチャージ 一部のみ 1500円 2部まで通し2000円
出演;G;飯島繁樹 P;小野沢健 C;佐野


フラメンコライブ High Bay Led Shop Lights

High Bay Led Shop Lights
The relationship between the voltage and current of LED lamp junction diodes is called volt-ampere characteristics. The electrical characteristics of LED include forward current and LED light online. LED must work under proper current and voltage to drive. The maximum allowable forward voltage, forward current, and reverse voltage and current of the LED can be obtained through the test of the electrical characteristics of the LED
LED Parking Lot Light

LED flood lights